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Project Description

Location: Muskego, WI Surface Area: 70 sf

The Challenges

Design and Remodel a First Floor Bathroom


Bathroom Design Render 1Basement Bath Photo

Our main challenge was to help our client come up with an economical design.
Renderings created during the planning stage of this remodel, helped our client visualize various design possibilities. The first rendering shows the initial details our client suggested. The second render shows a raised height for the tub and shower tile, as well as a tiled tub apron. The wall color was also modified to give the room some additional warmth. The third image is an actual photo taken during the final stages of construction that shows some other minor adjustments we made in the planning stages.


Bathroom Remodel 1: Before & After

These before and after images show the dramatic change delivered by this renovation. The tiled apron blends the bathtub into the details of the tile work. Half wall tile surrounds the vanity, while the wall at the right has only baseboard tile. This creates the illusion of a larger room. Accent tile within all of the elements joins everything together.